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When you think of Larry Bird, you probably think of his legendary basketball career, his multiple championships and awards, and his iconic rivalry with Magic Johnson. But did you know that before he became one of the greatest players of all time, he was married to a woman named Janet Condra? And did you know that their marriage lasted less than a year, and that they had a daughter who they barely knew for decades? In this article, we will reveal the untold story of Janet Condra and Larry Bird’s first wife, and how they met, married, divorced, and reconnected with their daughter.

How They Met

Janet Condra and Larry Bird met and fell in love when they were both teenagers in Indiana. They attended the same high school, Springs Valley, where Larry was a star basketball player and Janet was a cheerleader. They were both shy and quiet, but they shared a passion for sports and music. They also had similar backgrounds, as they both came from poor and broken families. They found comfort and support in each other, and soon became inseparable.

They dated for four years, and were considered the perfect couple by their friends and classmates. They even went to the prom together, where they were crowned king and queen. They seemed to have a bright future ahead of them, as Larry received a scholarship to play basketball at Indiana University, and Janet planned to follow him and study nursing.

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How They Married

Janet Condra and Larry Bird decided to get married in 1975, when they were both 19 years old and Larry was a college basketball star. They eloped to a small town in Kentucky, where they exchanged vows in front of a justice of the peace. They did not tell anyone about their marriage, except for their parents and a few close friends. They wanted to keep it a secret, as they feared that their marriage would affect Larry’s basketball career and Janet’s education.

They had a simple wedding ceremony, with no flowers, rings, or guests. They wore casual clothes, and drove to their honeymoon in Larry’s old car. They spent a few days in a cheap motel, where they celebrated their love and happiness. They did not have much money, but they had each other, and that was enough for them.

How They Divorced

Janet Condra and Larry Bird’s marriage fell apart in less than a year, and there were many reasons and factors that led to their divorce in 1976. One of the main reasons was Larry’s basketball career, which took him away from Janet for long periods of time. Larry transferred from Indiana University to Indiana State University, where he became a sensation and led his team to the NCAA finals. He also joined the US national team, which competed in the Olympics. He was busy and successful, but he was also lonely and homesick.

Janet, on the other hand, stayed in Indiana, where she tried to pursue her nursing degree and support Larry’s career. She also worked part-time as a mail carrier, to help pay the bills and save money for their future. She was proud and loyal, but she was also frustrated and unhappy. She missed Larry, and felt neglected and abandoned by him.

Their communication and intimacy suffered, as they rarely saw or talked to each other. They grew apart, and started to have doubts and regrets about their marriage. They also faced pressure and criticism from their families and friends, who did not approve of their marriage and thought they were too young and immature to be married. They also had to deal with rumors and scandals, as Larry was accused of having affairs with other women, and Janet was rumored to be pregnant with another man’s child.

They realized that they had made a mistake, and that they were not ready or compatible for marriage. They decided to end their marriage, and filed for divorce in 1976. They did not have a lawyer, and did not fight over anything. They agreed to split their assets and debts, and to remain friends. They signed the papers, and parted ways.

How They Reconnected with Their Daughter

Janet Condra and Larry Bird had a daughter named Corrie, who was born in 1977, after their divorce. They did not plan to have a child, and they were not sure if they wanted to keep her. They considered giving her up for adoption, but they changed their minds and decided to raise her. They agreed to share custody and responsibility, and to provide for her.

However, their relationship with their daughter was not easy or smooth. They were both young and inexperienced, and they had their own lives and careers to focus on. They were also estranged and distant from each other, and they did not cooperate or communicate well. They often argued and disagreed over their daughter’s upbringing, education, and welfare.

They were also absent and uninvolved in their daughter’s life, as they rarely saw or spent time with her. They missed many of her milestones, such as her birthdays, graduations, and weddings. They also failed to provide her with love, attention, and guidance. They left her in the care of their parents, relatives, or friends, who raised her and took care of her.

Their daughter grew up feeling confused, angry, and hurt by her parents. She resented them for their neglect and abandonment, and blamed them for her problems and struggles. She rebelled against them, and tried to distance herself from them. She also suffered from low self-esteem, depression, and addiction. She had a troubled and unhappy life, and she did not have a good relationship with her parents.

It was not until decades later, that Janet Condra and Larry Bird reconnected with their daughter, and tried to make amends and rebuild their relationship. They realized their mistakes and regrets, and wanted to be better parents and grandparents. They reached out to their daughter, and apologized and expressed their love and support for her. They also spent more time and effort with her, and helped her overcome her issues and challenges. They also bonded with her children, and spoiled them with gifts and affection.

They also reconciled and improved their relationship with each other, and became friends and co-parents. They respected and appreciated each other, and celebrated their daughter’s achievements and happiness. They also acknowledged and honored their past and history, and recognized their role and influence in each other’s lives.


Janet Condra and Larry Bird’s relationship was a roller coaster ride, full of highs and lows, joys and sorrows, and love and hate. They met and married young, and divorced soon after. They had a daughter, who they barely knew and neglected for years. They lived separate and different lives, and had their own successes and failures. They reconnected and reconciled with their daughter, and became friends and co-parents.

Their relationship was not perfect, and they made many mistakes and regrets. But they also learned and grew from their experiences, and they tried to be better people and parents. They also had a lasting impact and legacy, as they were part of each other’s stories and memories. They were Janet Condra and Larry Bird’s first wife and husband, and they will always be.

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