Badlands Ranch Dog Food Review

In the ever-expanding universe of pet nutrition, a new player has emerged with promises of quality and commitment to animal welfare. Badlands Ranch, a boutique brand with deep roots in animal activism, has introduced its inaugural product – the Superfood Complete. This article provides an in-depth Badlands Ranch dog food review, dissecting every aspect, from ingredient quality to safety standards.

The Genesis of Badlands Ranch

Founded by actress and animal activist Katherine Heigl, Badlands Ranch is more than just a pet food brand. Named after Heigl’s family ranch in Utah, the company is deeply intertwined with philanthropy. Proceeds from the brand support the Heigl family’s non-profit foundation dedicated to animal rescue and welfare. Additionally, Badlands Ranch is committed to making monthly food donations to needy animals, embodying a spirit of compassion and care.

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Overview of Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete

Badlands Ranch’s flagship product, Superfood Complete, has significantly entered the pet food market. This air-dried dog food offers a unique blend of ingredients:

  • Main Ingredients: Beef, beef liver, beef heart, salmon, and flaxseed.
  • Vegetables & Fruits: Sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, blueberry, and ginger.
  • Nutrient-Rich Additions: Chia seeds, turmeric, lion’s mane mushroom, various vitamins, and minerals.

With a commendable score of 8/10, Superfood Complete positions itself as a low-risk option in our dog food review metrics.

Ingredient Quality: A Closer Look

High in Carbohydrates

Though carbohydrates are essential in a balanced diet, the 24% carbohydrate content in Superfood Complete is on the higher side for air-dried foods. While nutritious, ingredients like sweet potato and pumpkin are starchy and can lead to increased insulin levels, obesity, and gut health issues if consumed in large quantities.

Concerns Over Added Vitamins and Minerals

While adding vitamins and minerals is common in pet foods, the quantity and quality can vary. Superfood Complete loses some points due to the excessive addition of these nutrients, which may indicate the use of poor-quality or overly processed ingredients. Over-supplementation, especially of vitamins like vitamin D and minerals like copper, can lead to health issues.

Ingredient Safety: Evaluating the Processing

The Air-Drying Process

Superfood Complete undergoes air drying, which involves some degree of heat. While this method is less invasive than conventional cooking, it can still lead to degrading vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and phytonutrients. Consequently, the food loses a point in this category.

Broader Perspectives

Is Badlands Ranch a Good Dog Food?

Considering the factors above, Badlands Ranch’s Superfood Complete is deemed a low-risk dog food. It’s a moderately processed food free from high pesticide or GMO ingredients. Though taller than expected for an air-dried product, the carbohydrate content comes from quality starchy produce rather than grains. The protein level is decent at 35%, but there’s room for improvement.

Other Points of Consideration

Source of Fish

The brand uses salmon but does not specify if it’s farmed or wild-caught. This is significant as wild-caught fish generally offer a more nutritious profile and a healthier balance of fatty acids than farmed fish.

Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio

The lack of information regarding the omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio is a concern. An imbalance, skewed towards omega-6, can promote inflammation. While this is a common omission among many pet foods, it’s an aspect where transparency would be beneficial.

Recall History

As of this review, there have been no recalls of Badland Ranch dog foods, suggesting a commendable track record in food safety and quality control.

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Evaluation Criteria: The Methodology

Our review is grounded in a rigorous evaluation methodology, focusing on two critical aspects:

  1. Ingredient Quality:
  • We scrutinize carbohydrate content, the unnamed proteins, the use of real food vs. fillers, and the balance of added vitamins and minerals.
  1. Ingredient Safety:
  • We assess the level of processing, presence of GMOs, pesticide levels, and other potential contaminants like MSG or animal digest.

Each food is objectively evaluated, and a score is assigned based on the ingredient quality and safety average. This review is not influenced by any commercial affiliations, ensuring an unbiased perspective for the pet owners.

In conclusion, Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete is a product of promise and quality. While there are areas for improvement, particularly in carbohydrate content and transparency about certain ingredients, the brand’s commitment to animal welfare and the use of wholesome ingredients sets a solid foundation. As with any pet food choice, it’s crucial to consider your pet’s specific nutritional needs and consult a veterinarian to ensure the best dietary decision for your furry friend.

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